TIBCO MDM 8 Certification Exam Sample Questions

Please note: Your successful completion of these sample questions is not a guarantee of passing TIBCO's actual certification exam.

  1. Which statement is true about installing TIBCO MDM in a clustered environment?
    1. CIM instances in the cluster must run on the same JVM version.
    2. Load-balancer is required when CIM instances must be clustered.
    3. Load balancer is always required to handle HTTP requests to multiple application servers.
    4. Each application server can run on a different JVM version.
  2. Which two must you specify when using a datapool as the delivery entity when configuring synchronization profile? (Choose two.)
    1. repository listing
    2. output map
    3. delivery mechanism
    4. zip file storage location
    5. input map
  3. Which two Record permissions should be denied to prohibit a user from adding new records? (Choose two.)
    1. Copy
    2. Modify
    3. Create
    4. Compare
    5. Full Control
  4. Which activity must be used to send an e-mail message?
    1. SendProtocolMessage
    2. HandleMessaging
    3. ProcessServiceMessage
    4. Send
  5. What are three special transitions for the purpose of processing exceptions? (Choose three.)
    1. Format
    2. Timeout
    3. Error
    4. Cancel
    5. Condition
  6. Which two statements are true about workitems? (Choose two.)
    1. All approval workitems must be ASYNCHR in execution mode.
    2. Another workitem must be created for users who have already had a workitem in a particular event.
    3. The number of workitems that need to be completed can be configured in the workflow.
    4. The default action of the ManageWorkitem activity is to CLOSE a workitem.
  7. Which action is used to pass rulebase changes to other records?
    1. clone
    2. replicate
    3. refresh
    4. propagate
  8. What is used to group a set of related attributes together in a repository?
    1. output maps
    2. attribute groups
    3. input maps
    4. classification schemes
  9. Copy metadata allows you to export or import which four objects? (Choose four.)
    1. Output Map
    2. Relatonship Definition
    3. Synchronization Format
    4. BusinessProcess Rules
    5. Repository
  10. What can be used to retrieve all records that match a value across all repositories?
    1. Event Search
    2. Text Search
    3. Subset Rules
    4. Record Search
  11. When a Record Add workitem is rejected and sent for correction, which Business Process Rule must be set to create a new workitem?
    1. Record Edit Approval
    2. New Record Introduction Edit
    3. Data Custodian
    4. Conflict Resolution
  12. What are two accurate descriptions of a record that has conflict? (Choose two.)
    1. A record has three versions and the same attribute in all versions has the same value in only two of the versions.
    2. A record has two versions and the same attribute in one version has a null/empty value and the attribute in the other version has a value.
    3. A record has three versions and the same attribute in all versions has different values.
    4. A record has two versions and the same attribute in both versions has different values.

1. A
2. B, C
3. A, C
4. D
5. B, C, D
6. C, D
7. D
8. B
9. A, C, D, E
10. B
11. C
12. C, D

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