TB0-110: TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager™ 7 Exam Sample Questions

Please note: Your successful completion of these sample questions is not a guarantee of passing TIBCO's actual certification exam.

  1. Which file is affected when the TIBCO CIM Configurator is used to configure property values?
    1. CacheConfig.xml
    2. ConfigValues.xml
    3. neutralized.props
    4. MqProperties.confg
  2. In which TIBCO CIM database table are entries made to configure the delegation/forwarding of workitems?
    1. Member
    2. Conversion
    3. Relationship
    4. RealtionshipDefinition
  3. Which two properties must be used when creating or modifying a datapool profile for synchronization? (Choose two.)
    1. Physical Address
    2. Catalog Format
    3. Repository Listing
    4. Company Credentials
    5. Datapool Credentials
  4. On which three resource types can permissions be defined? (Choose three.)
    1. Subset
    2. Catalog
    3. DataSource
    4. Master Catalog/Repository
  5. What is the correct method for changing permissions for a user of a master catalog so the user can view existing records but not add new records?
    1. deny "View" for record on a particular master catalog
    2. deny "Create" and "Copy" on a particular master catalog
    3. deny "Full Control" for record on a particular master catalog
    4. deny "Create" and "Copy" for record on a particular master catalog
  6. Using TIBCO CIM, a user updates a repository validation rule by specifying an additional attribute be set as Required for Data Entry. A previous version of the validation rule file is under version control and is being modified by developers.

    What happens to the user's new rule when the development team deploys the new rule file?

    1. All user-based changes are lost when the new file is deployed.
    2. The user's changes are applied by CIM after the new file is deployed.
    3. CIM sends an alert to the repository owner to notify the owner of the rule change.
    4. CIM locks the file until all the differences between the two files have been resolved.
  7. The TIBCO CIM queue.props file has the following configuration for TIBCO EMS:

    martquest.queue.cluster.TIBCOCluster.clusterLiaison.clusteredServer.LocalhostServer= tcp://machine1.mydomain.com:1420, tcp://machine1.mydomain.com:1425

    What behavior can you expect from CIM?

    1. CIM can process messages in parallel on both messaging servers.
    2. All instances of CIM will fail over to either messaging server, whichever is active.
    3. CIM can use either of the messaging servers and will use the one with lower observed traffic volume.
    4. The primary instance of CIM will use the first messaging server and the failover instance of CIM will use the other one.
  8. Which two statements are true about message processing? (Choose two.)
    1. You cannot override inherited properties in a pipeline.
    2. A queue can either send or receive a message, but not both.
    3. Any message sent to an external application is always routed by the communicator.
    4. Any message sent to an external application is routed by the communicator only if it is running outside the application.
  9. There is an item in the Inbox that requires attention.

    How can the item be removed from your Inbox?

    1. by viewing the event in the Event log
    2. by dragging the item to the trash folder
    3. by the Work supervisor role reassigning the item
    4. by viewing the associated parent or child record(s)

1. B
2. C
3. B, E
4. A, B, D
5. D
6. A
7. B
8. B, C
9. C

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