TIBCO infrastructure software connects the data in all of your systems, and TIBCO social tools enable collaboration, bringing together the collective intelligence of your employees to enrich the data and make it actionable. In short, TIBCO social tools provide a powerful platform to collaborate, work, and share information, exposing collective knowledge and contextual information for greater productivity.

tibbr – Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

tibbr® uses the best ideas from social networking to power enterprise-wide collaboration. When subjects are followed in tibbr®, employees spend less time searching for information because relevant information comes to them.

TIBCO Nimbus – Social Business Process Management (Social BPM)

TIBCO Nimbus® delivers a role-based, personalized portal that allows employees to find and understand the processes that are relevant to their roles, enabling them to perform to the standards of efficiency and consistency. Through Nimbus, employees also discuss and influence improvements related to their work processes.


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