Integration: Interconnect Everything

Featured Benefits

In digital business, connections give people, systems, and "things" value. The key is to design flexible ecosystems to exploit these connections.

TIBCO’s Fast Data platform provides the required capabilities to become the connective tissue that ties together systems, humans, and things:

  • Enable distributed applications, whether on premises or in the cloud, to communicate and exchange data
  • Coordinate your processes, people, context, and actions—and make changes on the fly
  • Build an ecosystem to maximize the value of your digital assets

Application Integration

TIBCO’s hybrid integration platform addresses the complete spectrum of requirements for the widest set of users. It’s a portfolio of independent, but tightly integrated products that let you move integrations to and from the cloud and back as needed to break down silos and connect people, applications, and data easily and most cost effectively.


More than ever, secure, reliable communication between applications distributed on-premise and in the cloud is critical. TIBCO industry-leading high-performance message oriented middleware includes standards-based store-and-forward, fully distributed peer-to-peer messaging, and web and mobile messaging in a single seamlessly integrated platform.

API Management

Digital organizations can improve agility with an API-centric layer that acts as connective tissue between core systems that run the business and systems being used to innovate and become customer-centric. TIBCO Mashery®, a complete API management solution deploys any way you want: in the cloud (SaaS), on-premises, or as a hybrid. Simplify API management and ownership with a "single pane of glass," and scale, monitor, and distribute your APIs. And for customers who need an enterprise level on-premise API gateway without full API management, we offer TIBCO® API Exchange Gateway.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Digital business is more than connecting your partners’ systems to yours. It requires connecting people in more relevant and valuable ways. Business processes have evolved to meet a wide variety of needs using different process styles. TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM introduces new capabilities for unparalleled flexibility across the process spectrum so your reaction is fast and the best it can be.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Your business now has access to an increasing volume of data. To maximize its value, it needs to be correct, consistent, and well managed. TIBCO® MDM absorbs data across channels and processes to provide a complete, up-to-date, trusted source of transactions and events for building context. This master data is then made accessible to your systems and business processes without compromising security.