• Operational Intelligence
    for TIBCO Infrastructure

Increase Operational Intelligence for Your TIBCO Infrastructure

TIBCO LogLogic® is a non-intrusive operational intelligence platform that scales seamlessly as the enterprise IT landscape grows to power new business initiatives. With the LogLogic platform, IT organizations have the infrastructure required to serve the business. LogLogic plays a critical role in maintaining the operational efficiency of TIBCO solutions by:

  • Providing out-of-box capability to collect machine data generated by TIBCO components, auto-identifying the data, and enabling its analysis
  • Reducing the time-to-market for IT and business initiatives by aggregating, processing, and analyzing the machine data generated by TIBCO components in pre-production environments to discover and correct operational and performance issues
  • Improving visibility into TIBCO infrastructure
  • Reducing mean time to resolution and consistently meeting operational SLAs

In addition to the IT Operations Management functions outlined above, the TIBCO LogLogic platform provides analysis tools to meet a variety of business improvement use cases ranging from fraud management to capacity planning to operations optimization.