• TIBCO LogLogic® for Machine Data Management

    Control, Insight, and Assurance

Managing and utilizing log and machine data presents unique challenges to IT organizations:

  • Scalability

    • Devices providing data are proliferating
    • Messages being collected per second is increasing
  • Lack of Standards for Logs and Machine Output

    • Syslog is unstructured data
    • XML and JSON are semi-structured, but not very common
  • Manageability

    • Data is collected from widely varying device types, from database servers to smart meters
    • Devices may be spread over a wide area with intermittent or unreliable connections

TIBCO LogLogic® has key capabilities that make it easy for IT organizations to address these challenges and maximize the value hidden in log and machine data:

  • Connect tens of thousands of devices easily
  • Collect over a million events per second
  • Ingest almost any log file or machine data including SNMP, Syslog, multi-line messages, and more
  • Normalize data from several hundred log file formats
  • Centralize management of all devices from which log and machine data are collected