Threat Management Solution

Zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats (APTs) occur regularly. Some key challenges for the IT environment:

  • Traditional short-term monitoring and analysis will miss because longer time periods are typically needed to identify malicious activity
  • Traditional security-only datasets will not suffice because threats often enter through non-monitored channels, using phishing as a primary entry method
  • Non-monitored systems become prime targets because they are usually unpatched and vulnerable to zero-day attacks
  • Focusing solely on correlation rules is not sufficient because threats are dynamic, use known undetectable attacks, adjust their positions, or even slow down or pause

Gathering of Heterogeneous Big Data for Security

To protect against potential disasters, organizations need an integrated solution that can handle massive amounts of data, including log, application, system, and user data. The solution must bring all the data together and quickly identify critical events, prioritize appropriate actions, and expedite response and remediation.

Real-Time Advanced Protection

TIBCO LogLogic® threat management provides the data, insight, tools, and processes to reduce your exposure to attacks coming from outside as well as inside the organization, such as from employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers. With LogLogic threat management, traditional datacenters, wireless networks, and cloud environments can be properly secured, monitored, and completely managed with intelligence, not hope.

  • Protect: Rely on advanced correlation capabilities to identify potentially dangerous activities that could otherwise lead to fraud, policy violations, security breaches, and data loss
  • Detect Slow and Persistent Threats: Collect and analyze long-term data
  • Monitor in Real Time: Monitor log and NetFlow data in real time to detect intrusions and denial of service attacks that could lead to system downtime, system failure, or data theft
  • Combat Fraud: Alert the organization to online fraud and internal threats with built-in behavioral correlation techniques
  • Know the Priority: Use centralized monitoring to bring company-wide operational context to the IT staff so they can look for and address anomalies in order of business priority
  • Respond Quickly: Use built-in alerting and event forwarding for quick, informed incident response through integrated help-desk and managed service-provider support

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