IT Big Data Solution

IT big data might be the largest dataset you deal with. It's millions or billions of daily logs, log files, and structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources. How can you deal with the volume, velocity, and variety of IT big data and analyze it to gain insight and detect potential problems?

With TIBCO LogLogic® technologies, you can:

  • Collect all your IT data at some of the fastest rates in the industry from all devices – not just security devices, but the devices, systems, and applications that enable the business to function.
  • Store terabytes of IT data easily and inexpensively, leveraging extreme scalability and granular data retention management.
  • Quickly and easily search, report, and alert on vast amounts of archived and real-time big data.

Put Big Data Value in the Hands of Analysts

  • Build Knowledge: Give the analyst team additional operational and business context
  • Store Terabytes: Give analysts visibility into the entire infrastructure
  • Use More Data: Combine device, system, and application data to bring business operational views to IT staff
  • Identify Business Inefficiencies: Allow analysts to view end-to-end processing of business transactions
  • Get More Value: Identify and implement new opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to see and act on

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  • Transform IT big data into interactive graphics for actionable information and new insight with TIBCO LogLogic® Analytics
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Ameren: Chris Sawall on IT data management

Ameren: Chris Sawall on IT data management