Log and Machine Big Data Management Solutions

Logs, log files, and other IT data constantly generated by all your IT systems are valuable assets that can be used to solve a host of IT challenges. However, a common problem is that this data is never used because it's scattered across locations and in proprietary formats, making it difficult to access. Using TIBCO® LogLogic solutions, you can collect logs, log files, and other data and create a centralized, reusable pool of virtual data.

By analyzing all the data generated across your systems, applications, and data sources, you can gain a comprehensive and understandable view of your IT infrastructure. And you can find answers to critical business questions through effective compliance management, security information management, and IT operations management.

Solve Your Most Pressing Problems

Through unified and comprehensive log and security information management, you can solve many of your most pressing IT problems:

  • Machine Big Data Analytics: How can you make sense of the big data coming from your IT assets and gain deeper insight and the ability to detect potential problems?
  • Compliance Management: How can you meet your compliance requirements – identify exceptions to policies, address vulnerabilities, combat attacks, demonstrate you've validated controls, document incidents, and reduce complexity?
  • Threat Management: How can you quickly identify critical security events, prioritize appropriate actions, and expedite an effective response?

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