Log Analytics and Insight

TIBCO® LogLogic Analytics transforms your IT data into interactive graphics supporting clearer understanding, deeper insight, and actionable information. With LogLogic Analytics, your IT operations teams can collect and analyze terabytes of big data generated by IT assets and find actionable information to address security, compliance, and operational issues and opportunities. Users can see into patterns from potentially thousands of log sources and filter and explore log data more easily and more interactively than ever before. Thousands of IT organizations already use TIBCO LogLogic to manage enterprise logging requirements. Now, with LogLogic Analytics, they can more effectively unleash the value hiding within their IT data.


  • Get Fast Insight: Apply fast, dynamic log data visualization and pattern discovery to solve compliance, security, or service level issues.
  • Discover Cause and Effect Relationships: Enrich log data with information from disparate data sources for added insight.
  • Predict Failures: Use the integrated predictive analytics and statistical tools to optimize network resources and forecast trends.


What's Hiding In Your Data?

What's Hiding In Your Data?