Log Management for the Enterprise

LogLogic Ingests and Processes All Log Files to Secure, Monitor, and Manage Your IT Environment

Every application, server, and device in your enterprise is continuously generating data in the form of events and logs for every function of your business. The sheer amount of data generated creates a "big data" problem for any enterprise, which equates to cost, complexity and risk. We call this Machine Big Data. Without a technology strategy for managing Machine Big Data, organizations spend significantly more, create silo'ed, disconnected, and non-interoperable systems, and increase their overall risk.

TIBCO® LogLogic is the only log management solution that offers you:

  • Enterprise Class Log Management: The ability to ingest, process, and display Machine Big Data from any source to create a universal platform for security, compliance, IT operations.
  • Effortless Lifecycle: A plug-and-play, centrally managed platform automates the complete lifecycle of machine data.
  • Predictive Intelligence for Machine Big Data: A complete solution that empowers your organization to anticipate risks and uncover opportunities by interpreting machine data for intelligent search and visual analytics.

Key enterprise-class features give you:

  • Universal Machine Big Data Strategy: Provides the right data, at the right time, at the right cost, to the right systems required for compliance, security, IT operations and application management solutions.
  • Actionable Insight into Machine Big Data: Discovers patterns in Machine Big Data and real-time events to immediately identify strategic business opportunities or threats.
  • Unified Management of All Log Sources: Provides a centralized solution for managing enterprise class machine generated big data from all assets across the entire infrastructure, and optimized to provide Logging as a Service (LaaS) for IT.
  • Fastest Time from Event to Action: Dramatically reduces the time and costs needed to uncover information within enterprise-level data volumes and react in real time.

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