Application Troubleshooting and Forensics

You are charged with developing, deploying, and supporting business-critical applications, as well as safeguarding them against external IT threats and maintaining service availability. Your success is tied to quickly gaining visibility within an application to identify risks, resolve issues, and maintain the productivity of your user base.

TIBCO® Iris is a self-service solution that easily ingests, intelligently processes, and clearly visualizes results for application and machine log data to enable self-service troubleshooting and forensics for your enterprise applications. TIBCO Iris is a fit-for-purpose product for application developers, support engineers, QA testers, and security analysts. It is architected to be fast, easy-to-use, intelligent, and guided, so that you can quickly gain visibility into your business-critical applications and resolve data issues.

Fast, Easy, Intelligent, and Guided Approach

TIBCO Iris delivers powerful features and capabilities that enable you to:

  • Troubleshoot and resolve user and application issues in minutes thanks to:
    • Easy ingestion of application and machine log data
    • Intuitive, "click, not code" search interface
  • Fast roll out enterprise applications with the ability to:
    • Accelerate fixes and enhancements
    • Identify and resolve issues during staging and testing
  • Easily identify and reduce IT security risks by leveraging:
    • A visual display that quickly highlights anomalies and data outliers
    • Forensic deep-dive on suspicious activities and behavior
  • Intelligent transformation of unstructured data to gain operational insight as you:
    • Recognize and categorize key elements to make sense of your raw data
    • Take immediate action in the absence of index latency

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TIBCO Iris demo (04:09 min.)

TIBCO Iris demo (04:09 min.)

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