TIBCO BusinessEvents® is a complex event processing (CEP) solution that abstracts and correlates meaningful business information from the events and data circulating through your information systems.

By detecting patterns within the real-time flow of events, it can help you detect and understand unusual activity, as well as recognize trends, opportunities, and problems.

Publishing business-critical information in real time to your enterprise systems or dashboards, you can visually see and understand what's happening in the moment and facilitate proactive decision making.

Harness the Power of Events

Using a model-driven approach, you can collect, filter and correlate events with respective business processes and deliver real-time operational insight enabling timely, well-informed decisions.

  • Model: Construct models to define the causal and temporal relationships between assets. By employing these models, the software can identify exceptional patterns, likely impacts, and expected outcomes
  • Manage: Understand how applications and services interact as part of activities and processes. Describe tasks, sequences of tasks (processes), and expected outcomes or "states" of tasks and processes
  • Rules: Define and apply rules that dictate the flow of information and responses as events play out in the context of the conceptual and state models
  • Capture: Collect and process events being routed across your integration and messaging infrastructure. A state machine can also store the status of events in an in-memory database, where data can persist for any length of time depending on how long an event is relevant
  • Event Stream Processing: Provides query and event pattern matching features to specify and identify the order of event arrival. It also provides query processing features to perform continuous computation over one or more event streams
  • Refine: In a non-invasive, "layer and learn" manner, start measuring operational performance without defining models or changing the way users interact with applications


  • Greater Understanding: Improve knowledge about existing operations by ensuring the effect of seemingly unrelated events is identified and delivered to appropriate decision makers
  • On-the-Fly Change: Notify people and systems about meaningful events so processes can be adapted on the fly
  • Rapid Response: Take action in the moment to capitalize on opportunities and remediate threats
  • Sharpen Focus: Increase your ability to prioritize situations and responses by correlating events and putting them in context of other events, processes, and objectives
  • Speed Time-to-Insight: Accelerate the identification of threats and opportunities by mapping enterprise events to processes and KPIs. Doing so allows you to view information that relates to a problem in time for the information to be useful
  • Faster Business Decisions: Real-time dashboard representation of operations to facilitate proactive decision making
  • Quantify Enhance Impact Analysis: Gain real-time insight of when larger – or complex events – have the greatest impact
  • What is BusinessEvents?

  • Event Processing with BusinessEvents: Introduction to BusinessEvents. (03:16 min.)

TIBCO BusinessEvents

What is BusinessEvents?

Event Processing with BusinessEvents: Introduction to BusinessEvents.

Event Processing with BusinessEvents: Introduction to BusinessEvents. (03:16 min.)

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