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    Impact the Outcome of Your Critical Business Moments with TIBCO BusinessEvents

Lead Your Digital Business with Event Processing

In the emerging digital world, where billions of people, things, and devices interact in real time, organizations must create new and disruptive competitive advantages to drive revenue and efficiency. This is new digital business.

TIBCO Event Processing is a key component of its Fast Data platform that delivers on the requirements of digital business, allowing you to:

  • Collect data from various sources
  • Understand the meaning of this data and its context
  • Identify and act on critical business moments

TIBCO BusinessEvents®, an event processing platform, helps you quickly build distributed, stateful, rule-based event processing systems to support instant decision-making and instant actions. With TIBCO BusinessEvents, you can correlate and find the important events in a deluge of data, minimize decision latency, and respond in the moment to bring a favorable business outcome. Consider augmenting your traditional business intelligence or big data strategy with real-time intelligence.

The TIBCO Fast Data Platform consists of intelligent technologies that integrate data from various sources and provide real-time awareness of opportunities and threats. In response to these critical moments, the platform can trigger a preprogrammed action or leverage human insight by putting information in the right hands for decision-making on-the-fly. This is Fast Data, the ability to change what happens next.