TIBBR: Social Collaboration

Specifically built for the workplace, tibbr® is the first social networking platform that enables employees, customers, and partners to interact with each other – and with information located in any system.

Harnessing this unique, powerful platform, you'll gain the ability to solve problems faster, fuel innovation, and increase productivity. Best of all: tibbr can be securely deployed in a matter of hours from your corporate data center, or through a cloud environment hosted by TIBCO.

  • Contextual. With its unique approach, tibbr allows information to be organized by subject or topic. Leveraging its highly customizable structure and classification system, you can tailor an information model and hierarchy that works best for the business and workforce.
  • Relevant. As not all topics matter equally to each person, tibbr allows users to create, contribute, and subscribe to the event streams that matter most to their roles and interests. Users also have complete control of the frequency in which they receive notifications – right down to the individual subject.
  • Integrated. Information from any existing application can be mapped to specific subjects. Instead of constantly checking different systems or calling someone for updates, tibbr can instantly notify you and your team of the change you are looking for.
  • Accessible. Whether at home, on the move, or at work, users can publish and receive tibbr updates anytime, anywhere. Sharing information has never been so easy.
  • Secure. Whether for use on-premise or hosted in a cloud environment by TIBCO, tibbr is designed to meet all your data security needs. Integration is quick and simple – often only requiring a few hours – and ensures all data storage and user access points meet enterprise-level security, compliance, and audit requirements.

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