Platform as a service

TIBCO Silver® Fabric enables a platform as a service (PaaS) in the enterprise. Hosted in an on-premise data center, it works seamlessly with existing hardware and software – quickly enabling shared pools of resources that dynamically allocate and release supply based on real-time demand.

Providing the flexibility of the public cloud with the security and control of your datacenter, it creates an agile, cost-efficient environment that delivers high-performance capabilities at reduced cost. Harnessing the agility and resiliency it provides, you can introduce elasticity and greater performance to your existing application platform, as well as administer changes on-the-fly, environment-wide – without needing to update processes or application code.

Automated Operations
Reduce complexity and accelerate the provisioning of complex, multi-platform applications by centralizing and automating all aspects of provisioning, activation, monitoring, and administration.

Platform Portability
Maintain choice and flexibility for the business by decoupling applications from the underlying infrastructure.

Continuous Delivery
Reduce time-to-market of applications with a consistent deployment process, agile platform, and optimized use of infrastructure resources.


Lower Capital Costs: Reduce expenditure requirements by optimizing the use of resources and eliminating the need for redundant systems to support high availability and disaster recovery requirements.

Leverage Existing Resources: Gain maximum value from existing investments by leveraging a mix of resources, including third-party application platforms, custom applications, virtual machines, physical hosts, and public cloud resources.

High Quality of Service: Self-service capabilities enable developers with more transparency to be more productive, deliver on requirements faster, and empower the business to reliably meet service-level agreements.

Accelerate Turnaround: Rapidly provision and configure distributed stacks to support application builds by reducing the need to manually provision, configure and stand-up environments.

Administer Change on the Fly: Automatically deploy upgrade and patches across applications, environment, and platforms – making complex installs and machine imaging techniques obsolete.

Accelerate DevOps: Eliminate operational bottlenecks in the application development life cycle.

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