• TIBCO Silver® Fabric

    Continuously deploy and manage your applications on-premise or in the cloud.

TIBCO Silver® Fabric is a cloud enablement and management platform for delivering a platform as a service (PaaS) for any set of middleware services, in any private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Unlike cloud native PasS offerings, TIBCO Silver Fabric uses an enabler approach that is 100% backward compatible for application services and requires no new application development.

TIBCO Silver Fabric software does not require any investment in expensive specialized hardware, and while it can use any virtualized infrastructure, it does not require virtualization technology either. Similarly, it can seamlessly leverage lightweight container technologies such as Docker, but doesn't require them. This flexibility is one of the reasons why it makes an ideal solution for supporting DevOps and continuous integration capabilities for middleware and application services.

IT staff can quickly deploy TIBCO Silver Fabric on-premise using any type of private infrastructure and enable a platform for existing middleware and application services. Then at any time, they can seamlessly switch the platform to run on a hybrid or public cloud. Cloud enablement of middleware and application services is that simple!