• TIBCO Silver® Fabric

      Continuously deploy and manage your applications 
      on-premise or in the cloud.

Today's applications consist of multiple application tiers deployed across a broad array of infrastructure choices. All these options make modern application delivery faster and more flexible, but they also increase complexity and intensify application management challenges:

  • Time to Market: Agile development and continuous integration shorten development cycles and increase release frequency to weekly, daily, even hourly. Can you deploy new releases as they become available without impacting application availability?
  • Automation: Product and version dependencies or incompatibilities lead to time consuming change management cycles and software update rollouts. Have you replaced your error-prone manual processes with end-to-end automated deployment across your delivery lifecycle?
  • Quality of Service: Software and infrastructure outages threaten your SLA delivery. Can you guarantee swift recovery around the clock? Does your disaster recovery plan execute in near realtime?
  • Cost: Business demand varies, so infrastructure and software platforms are traditionally scoped to meet peak load in each application silo, increasing costs. Does your environment automatically scale to dynamically meet peak loads, so that capacity is shared across applications, reducing cost across your enterprise?

TIBCO Silver® Fabric uses a container-based architecture, providing a unique solution that continuously manages application lifecycles. This includes management of all technological components and their interdependencies on physical, virtual, and cloud resources. Instead of managing a dozen scripting interfaces, developing costly custom code for high availability, and letting under used resources sprawl, TIBCO Silver Fabric allows you to:

  • Accelerate time to market using a unified interface that automates deployment and management of applications
  • Replace manual, error-prone processes with automated deployments
  • Provide the right quality of service using policy-based management of availability and performance of the whole application
  • Unlock the value of your infrastructure and avoid unnecessary costs by dynamically deploying applications on available resources – including physical and virtual machines, public, and private clouds