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  • Why Cloud Bus?

    Why Cloud Bus?


The promise of cloud is real: it allows for greater efficiency and faster time-to-market of new capabilities at reduced cost. While the benefits are proven, cloud solutions must do more than deliver cost-efficient scalability to support basic operational needs – they need to enable the organization at large by accelerating innovation and empowering ways to competitively differentiate.

TIBCO Cloud makes this possible – providing a clear path to fast results that enables the business to get ideas up and running without having to secure extra monetary or resource support.

Our scalable, enterprise-class solutions deliver high-performance capabilities on-demand, optimize the utilization of resources across platforms, and minimize overhead costs. A wide range of services also provide a rich set of tools and capabilities you can leverage to enhance operational agility, data discovery, business workflows, and the integration of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Learn more about TIBCO Cloud offerings.

Innovation as-a-Service

Our approach is simple: we believe cloud is fundamental for innovation – a place where ideas come to life quickly and can be used to seize advantage, a place to securely test and implement new ways of operating, a place where customer and partner relationships can be strengthened.

Benefits of a Cloud Platform

Designed with this in mind, TIBCO Cloud solutions and services not only enable you to discover new ways of connecting people, deriving intelligence, and improving operational efficiency – they allow you to explore while mitigating the risks commonly associated with innovation by allowing you to test, validate, and scale ideas until positive results are proven.


Choice: Gain all the benefits of the cloud without vendor lock-in. Our solutions and services support multiple software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems and infrastructure providers. They can also be hosted on-premise or in environment managed by TIBCO.

Agility: Start or stop projects at any time by eliminating the need for typical procurement, installation, or configuration processes. Should performance requirements rise or fall, resources will dynamically scale to meet demand.

Impact: By capturing results in a measured manner, you can focus on the project that yield the best results and stop investing in those that don’t perform.