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Innovation Is Like a Good Cocktail: Everything Is in the Mix

TIBCO takes businesses to their digital destinations by connecting them to everything, and augmenting their intelligence with data. Once these two forces, the access to data and the understanding of data are combined, true innovation—and differentiation—can happen.

Innovation can come from all sides of the organization: from the modernization of core systems and processes led by corporate IT, to new applications created by developers, to edge use cases discovered—and implemented—by Line of Business users. The most important breakthroughs often come from the combination of these elements, when the core of the business meets the edge of the experience.

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One Cloud Does Not Fit All

Cloud is a primary vehicle for parts of the organization to implement this innovation:

  • IT Center of Excellence teams leverage private cloud and container-based architecture, investing in Private Cloud/Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). They are looking to apply state-of-the-art quality of service provided by cloud services today in their own infrastructure. They are also looking at opening avenues to further evolution for their core applications to become fully digital.
  • Developers create new applications based on internal and third-party APIs, choosing to deploy their development in Infrastructure-as-a-Service or directly use a Platform-as-a-Service for the lack of infrastructure, to avoid added complexity. They’re also looking for a consumption model that provides the ideal balance between experimentations and scalability… without breaking the bank.
  • Line of Business users connect the SaaS applications used to run the business processes necessary to the operation of their domain. They are using specialized SaaS offerings (often called xPaaS) such as integration platform-as-a-services (iPaaS).
  • Digital Citizens connect SaaS services and data together to streamline their work. They are also looking for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to link their tools, and analyze their data.

TIBCO’s Fast Data platform is designed to serve as catalyst for this innovation, by providing connectivity to everything and augmented intelligence to all personas, in the cloud.