TIBCO® Service Performance Manager captures and aggregates data from IT systems and business applications in real time and provides analytics to assess performance and health before it degrades.

Business-User Visibility into System Health and Performance

TIBCO Service Performance Manager lets business users monitor business and operational key performance indicators (KPIs) over time. You can model SLAs, measure KPIs against them, and drill-down to the relevant technical details that help you understand the situation and respond appropriately.

Proactive Response for an Improved Customer Experience

The system shows you how technical performance affects a business service and lets you react immediately to issues, prioritizing actions to mitigate business risk. You can also graphically define rules, including those that launch processes that notify teams of problem patterns before they impact the business.

Strategic Performance Improvements

With trends showing business and technical metrics over time, teams can discern patterns that have led to issues impacting revenue, customer experience, or SLA violations. They can use this information to define the best strategic response, such as investing in disaster recovery, improving system scalability, or adjusting capacity.


  • Align System Performance to Business Needs: Use real-time and aggregated metrics to assess the normal operational state and identify trends that may indicate potential issues.
  • See Across the Enterprise: Collect metrics from the ActiveMatrix platform using probes and extend collection to other business applications or environments using a public API.
  • Understand What's Going On: Use the web dashboard's practical shortcuts to access enterprise assets, see dependencies, and navigate to the faulty resource for immediate action.

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