System outages can result in financial losses, legal liability, and erosion of customer loyalty. And when you build multi-level heterogeneous systems to provide IT business services, they absolutely need to keep running smoothly. The right monitoring and management systems can help you find and solve problems, and even prevent them.

TIBCO Hawk® is a sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and processes. It uses rule-based agents that identify exceptional events at source throughout the network – in applications and process data, databases, log files, operating systems – and can notify operations through alerts or take necessary actions to avoid failure or slowdown.

Hawk is a high performance peer-to-peer filtering and triggering system complete with dashboard display. It leverages TIBCO publish/subscribe infrastructure for uniquely scalable network management capabilities, such as single-message cross-system queries and real-time distributed rule-base updates. It is also readily extensible for new monitoring needs.


  • Improve Control Over System Health: Treat all network assets as a single system using a script-free centralized view, which yields extensive scalability and minimizes downtime when new entities are added.
  • Reduce Unscheduled Outages and Slowdowns: Use declarative rules to initiate automatic responses to pre-defined conditions for logical assets such as enterprise applications, databases, and even custom applications using the cross-platform Hawk Application Management Interface.
  • More Quickly Identify and Resolve All Kinds of System Problems: Understand problem severity and which situations require immediate attention through color-coded alerts and automatic notifications.
  • Minimize Network Traffic and Reduce Latency: Rely on distributed agents to handle management at the system end-points and notify relevant systems and administrators of exceptions.
  • Monitor with a Fault-Tolerant System: Continue monitoring during outages with independent agents able to support autonomous network behavior, local management, and problem resolution.
  • Gain a Unified View of All Network Management Activity: Integrate with network management frameworks such as HP OpenView, Tivoli, and Unicenter, as well as SNMP devices and other JMX infrastructure components.

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