Business processes and services, which are necessarily complex and inter-threaded, are the life-blood of enterprises and must perform smoothly – without exception. Slow-downs and failures are frequently quite costly, resulting in lost opportunities, delays, added costs, and loss of revenue and hard-earned reputation. To complicate matters further, IT service implementations change continuously, requiring end-to-end visibility for effective management.

Monitoring and management software is key to preventing disasters and keeping the network healthy. Intuitive, time-saving software can help you quickly identify problems and potential problems, and intelligently respond. TIBCO monitoring and management software gives you visibility into applications and processes across the enterprise, alerts that announce important operational events, and a clear understanding of problem severity.


  • Track and Analyze System Performance: Spot system problems and trends and take necessary action fast.
  • Repair Problems Automatically: Execute rule-base defined action sequences and event correlations.
  • Track System Performance: Store events for application uptime, service level agreement (SLA) enforcement, or forensic analysis.
  • Protect IT Assets Out-of-the-Box: Set real-time alerts for IT infrastructure events.
  • Optimize Performance and Eliminate Bottlenecks: Monitor platform, server, transaction, message status and information, and log files.
  • Achieve Optimal Performance and Reliability: Proactively configure infrastructure parameters.

Monitoring and Management Solutions

  • Point-and-click to create custom dashboards and reports with TIBCO RTView
  • Monitor and manage distributed applications and processes with TIBCO Hawk