TIBCO mobile integration solutions let you deliver a great mobile experience using mobile device capabilities (geolocation, camera, contacts, others) and contextual real-time access to backend information. The combination lets you build apps for improving the productivity of your knowledge workers and the interactions you have with customers.

Based on the processes and information stored in your systems – and a great user interface design – your apps will be truly differentiating.

Make Mobile a Stable Extension of Your Integration Platform

With TIBCO mobile integration, you can expose relevant services from your systems, allowing them to become the functional building blocks for a variety of mobile applications. Our platform's strong connectivity and orchestration capabilities let you confine enterprise-system technical complexity and expose a set of stable services and events.

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Mobile Integration - Diagram

Support an Expanding Ecosystem of Services

a33f0a2b23e5f676f98715b6d0757a8c.pngYou can extend your enterprise applications and services to new customers and new ways of doing business by exposing APIs. TIBCO mobile integration gives you the ability to control access to your APIs by managing and enforcing policies for security, throttling, transformation, routing, and monitoring.

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Provide Real-Time Access to Backend Data

0e35095db40e0555646dd1d75982eac4.pngExtend the reach of enterprise applications to include mobile clients that leverage HTML5 and WebSockets to enable scalable, real-time, bidirectional communication that today's applications and services require.

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Develop Once for Cross-Platform Consumption

Reduce time-to-market and the cost of developing and maintaining support for multiple devices. Leverage the HTML5 standard for powerful, universal mobile and web applications that can integrate with native capabilities unique to mobile devices: geolocation, camera, and others.

Support Widespread Collaboration and Mobile File Sharing

Allow your employees to collaborate with others easily and securely from any device by syncing and sharing files. By deploying our enterprise file sync and sharing tool, you provide a familiar user experience that satisfies IT's needs for security and control.
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Ensure Security

With TIBCO mobile integration, you can invoke the same control over your mobile apps as you do over your enterprise applications and services.


  • Drive New Revenue Streams: Deliver a great, differentiating mobile experience backed by enterprise-enabled services that enable contextual offers.
  • Empower Partners and Mobile Workers: Let users access and contribute to enterprise resources and information in real time.
  • Reduce Complexity and Costs: Eliminate costly interfaces and complex connections by integrating and orchestrating service components using a centralized platform.
  • Get to Market Faster: Let developers deploy applications faster, minimizing overhead and operational costs, using one client-code base with automated WebSocket emulation support for legacy browsers.
  • Leverage Existing Assets: Extract greater value from existing IT investments by enabling data and service reuse.