Enterprise Messaging

As our world becomes more connected, the demand for access to real-time data will rise. With TIBCO's enterprise messaging platform, you can ensure information is consistently available, accessible, and consumable across systems, web resources, and mobile devices.

From application servers and mainframes to mobile devices and web applications, our scalable solutions are built for ultra-fast, consistent, and reliable message delivery across globally distributed environments – proven to deliver high availability and throughput in the most demanding enterprise environments.

Connect to Anything, Anywhere

Native support for open standards and a wide range of platforms and technologies – including Java EE, .NET, web resources, and mobile devices – enables rapid integration and interoperability of disparate systems and heterogeneous applications – regardless of technology or platform.

Enterprise-Ready: Scalable, Reliable Performance

Scalable, distributed backbone employs user-extensible message types and dynamic, source-based routing with interest-driven forwarding across multiple message domains to ensure high availability and throughput, support real-time decision-making, and power fast, event-driven execution across the organization.

Single Point of Management and Control

Unified management environment supplies administrators and developers with tools and capabilities to readily control real-time data distribution and accelerate time-to-market while reducing operational complexity and cost.

Ultimate Deployment Flexibility

Platform can be deployed via software or hardware-based appliance – or both – allowing you to choose the right mix of capabilities to address and support performance and cost objectives.


  • Integrate Disparate Systems Easily: Maximize flexibility with support for open standards, existing IT systems, and native support for leading technologies and platforms on servers, desktops, mainframes, and mobile devices.
  • Leading Performance, Scalability, and Reliability: Scale horizontally and vertically, employ user extensible message types, and dynamic, source-based routing with interest-driven forwarding across multiple messaging domains.
  • Increase Productivity in Development and Operations: Leverage TIBCO's integrated suite of products, a breadth of communication protocols, APIs, and fine-grained administrative controls.
  • Access Information in Motion: Extend high performance enterprise messaging to web and mobile devices.
  • Reduce Equipment and Cost: Flexibility to deploy TIBCO messaging as software, appliance, or both, for optimal deployment scenarios

Enterprise Messaging Products

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