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Trusted Data for Positive Outcomes

Master Data Management (MDM) is your answer to ensuring that the increasing volume of data about your business can fast become your most important asset. By eliminating data silos, achieving governance, and managing data quality, you will be able to depend on it to:

  • Respond quickly and correctly to customers and partners
  • Insure efficient business processes
  • Avoid mistakes, rework, and their costs

Your data must be a trusted source—clean, reliable, complete, and up-to-date. When it is, you can use it to confidently determine context and appropriately respond to affect positive business outcomes:

  • Customer Loyalty: Excellent customer service needs accurate data to retain customers and reduce churn.
  • Optimized Processes: Processes and productivity improve, and problems and costs are avoided, only with reliable and complete data.
  • Revenue Growth: Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across channels are possible when all the right customer data is available.


Cement the foundation for your digital business transformation with TIBCO® MDM, your complete Master Data Management solution.

Featured Capabilities

Complete View of Business Data

Complete View of Business Data

Absorb data across channels and processes to provide a complete, up-to-date, trusted source of transactions and events for building context.

  • Easily expandable data model
  • Templates ready-to-go for lightning fast mastery of customer and product data domains
  • Centralized view of all relationships between data types
Real-time, Secure Data

Real-time, Secure Data

Publish and subscribe to data on demand. Accurate master data accessible to systems when and how they need it without compromising security.

Adaptive Governance

Adaptive Governance

Meet immediate business needs and adjust to future demand with a flexible, scalable, configurable platform.

Visualization of Data and Workflows

Visualization of Data and Workflows

Identify and easily fix quality issues and collaborate to constantly make improvements, monitor processes, and create dashboards for actionable data analysis.

What's New

Introducing TIBCO® MDM 9.0

  • Any data: Ingest data from any source from social, streaming, IoT connected devices into the TIBCO master data hub with the new extended list of connectors.
  • Intelligent Data Quality: Automate and simplify data matching and de-duplication with a built-in machine learning engine for 10 times faster processing.
  • Real-time: Export or access master data at least 50% faster and update it from any end-user business application 1.3 times faster.
  • Anywhere access to master data: A combination of TIBCO MDM API’s and a low code, rapid development environment enables anyone to participate in MDM process through any business application, web portal or mobile application.

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TIBCO MDM helps companies act faster for positive outcomes by providing real-time access to single trusted source of accurate intelligence.

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