TIBCO ® Data Quality is a scalable, highly available solution for mission-critical enterprise data quality. Designed on the principle that collected data is only as useful as the ability to transform it into knowledge within the context of the business, this platform goes beyond data cleansing and aligned information to business processes and decision-making.

Used in concert with the following products, you can achieve a complete, end-to-end data quality lifecycle management solution:

  • TIBCO® MDM: Supports the application of both pre-delivered and configurable validation and transformation rules to meet required data quality specifications
  • TIBCO® Clarity – Cloud Edition: Integrate, profile, standardize, and transform data so it is trustworthy, allowing you to use it with confidence to identify trends and make smart decisions quickly. TIBCO Clarity – Cloud Edition is offered as a subscription service to provide the flexibility and scalability of the cloud environment.
  • TIBCO® Data Discovery: Data analysts can measure how closely attributes comply with standard definitions
  • TIBCO® Patterns: Enable score based matching on one or multiple sets of criteria (also supports de-duplication, identification of variants, and the ability to identify multiple members of the same household).


  • Apply both pre-delivered and configurable validation and transformation rules to any aggregation/import, or synchronization/export activities to meet required data quality specifications
  • Automate data standardization and data transformation tasks based on rules and mapping, match/merge, and mass updates
  • Leverage robust data profiling capabilities to help users understand data domains, formats, patterns, and relationships in preparation for data migration and data integration initiatives
  • Cleanse, standardize, and match any data: name and address, product, asset, material, and location
  • Support modifiable, country-specific rules tables that contain definitions and interpretations for commonly occurring words and word patterns in names and addresses
  • Perform de-duplication and identification of variants, as well as multiple members of the same household

Build a trusted, unified source of data across your business with TIBCO MDM

Validate, cleanse, and prepare your data with TIBCO Clarity – Cloud Edition

Synchronize data in real time across an SOA environment with TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Bus

Ensure accurate, real-time data reaches any system, or application with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™

Match and merge master data with the powerful, world-class TIBCO® Patterns