TIBCO ActiveSpaces® Transactions is an in-memory transactional application server that lets you create high-performing, distributed Java transactional applications that run on low-cost commodity hardware. ActiveSpaces Transactions lowers costs with breakthrough performance that doesn't require a mainframe or cluster investment. Instead, it off-loads processes and data from the mainframe to deliver savings in hardware, software licenses, rack space, power, networking, and other data center costs.

With Activespaces Transactions, you can:

  • Transition to cashless commerce with real-time processing of credit card and mobile transactions
  • Provide a consistent world for multi-player online gamers
  • Handle increases in stock trading volume and extreme low-latency service expectations
  • Provide real-time offers based on telecom subscriber demographic, account balance, location, and service plan

Placing data, logic, events, and transactions in memory creates an extreme low-latency architecture that scales horizontally. This is in sharp contrast to traditional three-tier architectures that add latency at each level in addition to disk-drive input/output.


  • Reduce Cost Per Transaction: Reduce operating and hardware costs using ordinary Java code running on commodity hardware, eliminating the need for integration of third-party databases, application servers, message queues, and other products.
  • Increase Availability: Achieve high availability without redundant clusterware, transaction monitors, or databases with a design that provides transparent low-latency system failovers and no interruptions, lost transactions, or performance degradation for backup and recovery.
  • Get Long-Term High-Availability Storage: Use the elastic in-memory data grid for low-latency access to persistent, durable Java objects.
  • Address Any Single Point-of-Failure: Avoid the problem of inadvertent power failures and other events that cause memory loss with always-on data and service availability via memory-to-memory object replication.
  • Process in Parallel: Rely on transactional controls to ensure that parallel program threads can access the data space safely and without affecting one another.
  • Become Event-Enabled: Scale on multi-core systems with an open architecture that allows for asynchronous events to be mapped to a myriad of protocols, both standard and proprietary.

This description applicable to TIBCO ActiveSpaces Transactions v2.2 and above.


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