Big Data is the popular term describing the fast-increasing volume, velocity, and variety of information that can help improve enterprise operations – but it is only part of the story. In-memory computing is the breakthrough that makes Big Data possible, that shatters performance barriers for applications including:

  • Airline flight availability searches that need to include constantly changing flight records
  • Personalized offers and optimal customer experiences on ecommerce websites
  • Real-time reporting of mobile customer texting to enable pre-pay plans
  • Extreme low-latency risk management and algorithmic trading applications
  • Additional payment channels for faster revenue capture

TIBCO's in-memory computing technologies scale indefinitely without bottlenecks, configure to your persistence needs, and support the range of programs and platforms. These capabilities are a remarkable step forward in the support of operational decision-making, integration, and cost reduction – and make leveraging Big Data possible. With TIBCO in-memory computing technology, you have the power to analyze, understand, and predict opportunities and threats – and the advantage of preemptive action.


  • Operate at the Highest Speeds Available: Give information zero latency, including analytics for data-in-motion and data-at-rest.
  • Reduce Cost: Use commodity hardware to support fast performance without having to manage the details, including scaling in the cloud.
  • Extend the Life of Existing Applications: Make them faster and more distributed using in-memory computing as middleware.
  • Lean Forward: Combine the functionality of database and messaging at real-time speeds.
  • Cash in on the Big Data Promise: Make decisions based on all your data.
  • Scale As Needed: Scale flexibly depending on your processing requirements in real time.

In-Memory Computing Solutions

Simplify application development with TIBCO ActiveSpaces® Enterprise Edition

Get always-on data and service availability with TIBCO ActiveSpaces® Transactions