TIBCO FTL® is a robust, high performance messaging middleware platform for real-time, high-throughput data distribution to virtually any device. Optimized to leverage the latest advancements in hardware and networking, TIBCO FTL messaging middleware can handle higher message throughput with lower latencies – and a greater number of concurrent connections – than other messaging products. All of this is delivered with a peer-to-peer architecture and application API libraries that run on commodity, general purpose systems without the need for specialized hardware devices.

Lightning-Fast Messaging Transport with Extreme Low Latency

FTL messaging middleware delivers one-way end-to-end application latencies below 315 nanoseconds for intra-host communication using shared memory, and below 2.0 microseconds when using Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) transport over InfiniBand.

Reliable, High Throughput and Persistent Messaging

FTL messaging middleware includes a distributed, in-memory persistence engine that maximizes performance with reliable message delivery throughput at 5 million messages per second, and guaranteed message delivery levels over 850,000 messages per second. With this approach, you'll no longer need to deploy multiple servers or deal with the complexity of splitting traffic between multiple systems in application logic.

Seamless Integration

With simple APIs for C, Java, .NET, Objective C, JavaScript, and Android Java, TIBCO FTL messaging middleware works in harmony with existing applications, as well as with web and mobile devices, to make it possible to distribute data throughout your environment at supreme speeds. It also integrates with TIBCO Rendezvous messaging applications with an out-of-the-box adapter.

Unbridled Performance without Compromising on Features

Powerful out-of-band centralized messaging administration capabilities and a wide range of transports mean applications receive only data that's relevant to them. In addition to simplifying message distribution and management, this leaves room for important messages to arrive faster.


  • Distribute High Volumes of Data Fast: Free yourself from issues with compatibility, formatting, and less than stellar messaging speeds. Publish messages to multiple subscribers across a variety of transports with a single message.
  • Speed Application Development: Developers can focus on writing code without having to worry about parsing binary data streams and managing metadata for individual applications.
  • More Control, Less Fuss: Robust messaging administration tools put control in your hands while freeing you from the burden of constant monitoring. Centrally define message formats and data distribution paths without changing a single line of code.
  • Multiple Transport Options: Connect message publishers and subscribers across a wide variety of communication transports including shared memory, RDMA (Infiniband and 10GbE RoCE), TCP, reliable UDP multicast, and Unicast.
  • Leverage Advanced Technologies: Leverage breakthroughs including multi-core processors, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), InfiniBand, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and WebSocket.
  • Increase Data Distribution Performance: Choose from a wide range of messaging transports based on data distribution and performance requirements.

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