TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ Appliance is a drop-in, standalone solution for enterprise messaging. Delivering all the message delivery capabilities and benefits of TIBCO Enterprise Message Service in a hardware appliance, it reduces administrative and infrastructure costs by simplifying the management of large messaging implementations.

Used in concert with your existing data distribution layer, this JMS messaging appliance significantly reduces complexity, risk, and cost by eliminating the need for third-party messaging storage solutions. Leveraging the predictable, reliable performance it delivers, you can improve throughput, reduce latency, and better manage large volumes of data that require real-time routing across the enterprise.

All the Messaging Power without the Overhead

Enables full synchronous data redundancy without the cost and complexity of using storage area networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), solid-state drives (SSD), or cluster file systems for message queues.

Rapid Messaging Middleware Deployment

The appliance works with existing Enterprise Message Service solutions (both hardware and software), requires minimal power and cooling, easily slides into a 2U data center rack, and deploys with no change to code or Enterprise Message Service client libraries.

Fast Path to Better Decision-Making

Providing all of the features, capabilities, and benefits of TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, this JMS messaging appliance accelerates the integration and distribution of real-time data to enable faster, more informed decisions and event-driven execution of business operations.

Fully Fault Tolerant

The TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Appliance provides full synchronous fault tolerance and supports asynchronous replication of data to remote disaster recovery sites ensuring highly available messaging middleware infrastructure.


  • Significantly Reduce Costs: Improves performance while eliminating the need for third-party message storage systems and drastically lowering overhead expenditures.
  • Increase Reliability: Supplies native fault tolerance and scalable performance and sustains high availability of the messaging middleware infrastructure in the event of hardware failure or a complete loss of a data center. Avoiding SAN message storage also enables a more predictable means of meeting SLA and business requirements.
  • Faster, More Flexible Integration: Supplies a common, distributed enterprise messaging backbone that accelerates integration of disparate systems and enables fast distribution and access of real-time information. Supports open standards, existing systems, and a broad range of technologies for servers, desktops, and mobile devices (including C, COBOL, Java EE, and .NET).
  • Deliver Secure Messaging: Provides advanced security and administrative control capabilities, including SSL for client-to-server and server-to-server connectivity.
  • Enable Access to Data On-the-Go: Extends the high performance enterprise messaging middleware to web and mobile devices with TIBCO® Web Messaging for TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service™.
  • Customizable Approach: Provides flexible design and seamless connectivity with a choice of appliance, software, or a hybrid to best suit your unique requirements.

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