One of the key challenges of any web or mobile project is how to make data available beyond the four walls of the enterprise in a secure and timely manner. The old approach of using HTTP with its request/reply architecture make it impractical for meeting the expectations of today's digital consumers.

Leveraging HTML5 WebSocket, TIBCO eFTL® messaging middleware extends the power and flexibility of TIBCO® Messaging by providing full-duplex, bidirectional communications to web and mobile users.

Fully Integrated Messaging Solution

Natively integrates with TIBCO FTL, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, and TIBCO Rendezvous®, providing one platform to address all your inter-application communication needs.

Bi-Directional Message Transport

Supports full-duplex communications between TIBCO eFTL clients as well any application connected to the TIBCO messaging backbone.

Broad Platform Support

Allows developers to build clients for a wide set of platforms using APIs available for Android (Java), iOS (Objective C), and JavaScript.


  • Universal Access: Provides a single integrated messaging product suite for connectivity to backend systems and data from virtually any platform.
  • Scalability: Scales to support hundreds of thousands of client connections.
  • Bi-directional Communication: Supports full-duplex messaging between TIBCO eFTL clients as well as any application connected to the TIBCO messaging backbone to provide real-time data distribution.
  • Fast Time to Market: Provides easy access to backend data leveraging a simple API.
  • Resilient: Provides a highly available environment by leveraging clustered TIBCO eFTL environments.
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