TIBCO Formvine

Solutions for Common Business Needs in Minutes

TIBCO Formvine® enables anyone to quickly build simple business solutions, including forms and basic applications, as well as task flows like request, comment, approve.

Hosted on-premise or as a service in the cloud, it allows anyone – from IT or business units – to share information in minutes using simple drag-and-drop capabilities.

Formvine helps you get it done now, while powerful industrial-strength TIBCO technology under the hood makes it effortless to also get it done right – with enterprise-class security, governance, and audit-trails all built-in right out of the box.

  • Everyone can create solutions in minutes with Formvine’s ease of use, flexibility, and speed.
  • IT departments retain centralized control, security, governance, and audit capabilities – while not having to build and maintain tactical apps.
  • Executives and managers value the accelerated time-to-market and significant cost savings.

Diagram - Formvine Marketecture

Key Features

  • All you need for simple apps, forms and flows: Most apps that business units need are simple, whether it’s gathering data through forms, sending emails to appropriate people to get something done, assigning a follow-up task to a reviewer or approver, or instant access to data without having to ask IT to run a report or a database export. With Formvine all such needs are handled with ease.
  • Task flows and approval chains: Easily automate the assignment and tracking of tasks such as approval requests, enabling you to route the right task to the right person at the right time.
  • Form flows and rules: Create branching forms and decision trees that ask the right follow-on questions based on prior answers in a form.
  • Drag-and-drop, point-and-click ease: If you can use a web browser, you're ready to use Formvine. The intuitive browser-based interface makes assembling forms, configuring flows, and designing data views a breeze for anyone.
  • Instant self-service access to data: All users need is a web browser to see, share, edit, find, filter, and export data gathered through forms.
  • Built-in governance and regulatory compliance: Transaction logs and audit trails are out-of-the-box features. Administrative reports provide insights to the name and description, activity volume, and people involved in each project on your Formvine server.
  • Compatible with your systems: Manage sign-on via ActiveDirectory, LDAP, or the built-in user table. Plug into SQL Server or Oracle, or use the local database that ships with Formvine. Easily embed forms and links to forms in SharePoint, tibbr®, and other collaboration platforms.
  • Easy and flexible integration: When you want to integrate Formvine with other systems, get it done quickly with the Formvine Web API.
  • Form controls and templates: Build forms fast with ready-to-use form controls for common types of information. A template library provides complete solutions for common business needs, ready to use or modify.
  • Customizable: The look and feel, branding, types of form controls, and templates in your library are all customizable.

Get Started - Try TIBCO Formvine

See Formvine in action and hear from others how they got what they needed done, done fast. Watch this 3-minute video.

Formvine in Action

See Formvine in action and hear from others how they got what they needed done, done fast. Watch this 3-minute video.

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