TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM is a unified business process management (BPM) and services-oriented architecture (SOA) platform that provides a single environment for automating business processes involving both people and systems. It includes features that save time, streamline work, and reduce costs for both business and IT teams.

For Business, Strong Collaboration and More Efficient Process Design

Using a model-driven design tool, TIBCO Business Studio™, business experts create forms, pageflows, and graphical models of processes, data, and organization structures that serve to visualize the process. This design process allows a fast, iterative approach that delivers rapid time to benefit.

For IT, Reduced Complexity and Expense

Providing BPM and SOA in a single engine, ActiveMatrix BPM reduces system complexity, as well as development and maintenance expenses, while providing unprecedented scalability and performance using our award winning messaging infrastructure.

Business Benefits

  • Empower Business Teams: Visualize and manage work distribution and routing to maximize performance and staff utilization. Own and govern their process assets.
  • Simplify Process Design: Use built-in support for workflow patterns that eliminates the need for complex code and rules.
  • Quickly Adapt and Innovate: Respond to changing conditions – globalization, competition, regulation — and create competitive advantage using interactive BPM dashboards that supply actionable insight into performance.

IT Benefits

  • Rely on Enterprise-Strength Scalability and Performance: Use true active-active clustering and scale to tens of thousands of users running thousands of processes in parallel.
  • Reduce Maintenance and Upgrade Complexity with Multitenancy: Use a single ActiveMatrix BPM instance to host multiple BPM containers, each supporting a team or tenant. Provides data, processing, and asset isolation for the BPM tenants. It is designed so BPM containers can run different versions, so you can upgrade one team without affecting the others.
  • Answer Any Business Need Easily: Use our out-of-the-box clients and forms, create a custom user interface with our API, or a hybrid of the two.

See the design tool in action. Watch Process Simulation in TIBCO Business Studio (5 min)


Learn how you can increase visibility to optimize business performance.

Optimize Business Performance

Learn how you can increase visibility to optimize business performance.

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