Process transparency is at the heart of regulatory compliance and quality management. If how a business operates – who does what, why and when – is unclear, the organization will be unable to effectively institute business controls, policies, procedures, and a system of audit to sustain operational excellence.

Yet many organizations lack a centrally managed and approved business process repository that includes information about required compliance, quality, risk, and business controls. As a consequence, different compliance or quality regimes like SOx, ISO9001, ISO27001, and EHAS are managed in different ways, causing operational risk and compliance regimes to be siloed. This can also slow down process improvement efforts, because there is no single source of the truth for process and compliance.

TIBCO Nimbus® provides visibility and accountability for end-to-end business processes, embedding compliance requirements, risks, and business controls within a governed process repository.

Baking Compliance into Day-to-Day Work

Using a common language, Nimbus lets users create process content that is easy to understand and provides transparency of process ownership. Because Nimbus "bakes" compliance into your employees' day-to-day work, required actions and changes can be quickly communicated, making your compliance regime more responsive and easier and cheaper to maintain.

Nimbus provides these capabilities for a more agile and cost-effective way to meet compliance and regulatory requirements:

  • A central process repository that supports multiple compliance, risk, and business control frameworks. The result: all process, compliance, risk management, and quality management stakeholders share a common understanding of how the organization operates, underpinned by a common approach for managing such interdependencies.
  • One place to model process improvement scenarios that provides visibility of all compliance, quality, and risk management considerations.
  • Improved collaboration between multiple stakeholders involved in operational excellence including compliance officers, risk managers, controls specialists, process owners, process improvement specialists, quality managers, operations managers, end users, and IT.
  • Strong governance capabilities that ensure process content is well-managed and trusted as up-to-date and accurate.
  • Action management capabilities including support for scheduled audits, regular content reviews, control certifications, and remediation tasks.
  • Information, alerts and actions are personalized for relevant users.

Learn how Nimbus can be used to apply top-down risk monitoring and control.

Learn how Nimbus can be used to apply top-down risk monitoring and control.


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