Whether you're implementing, upgrading, replacing, or consolidating ERP or other enterprise software applications, TIBCO Nimbus® can make your project run more quickly and smoothly. Using Nimbus, you capture business requirements more quickly and accurately, reducing project duration, costs, and risk. It will also help you accelerate testing and training and drive user adoption of the new system.

Accelerate SAP and Other Enterprise Software Implementations

The most successful enterprise software projects are those that effectively engage business users at every stage, and a critical part of this is the effective management and communication of your business process knowledge. Nimbus will help you scope, deliver, and adopt SAP and other enterprise applications more successfully through these steps and methods:

  • Scope: Develop your SAP Business Blueprint faster with results that can be understood by your entire workforce, not just the SAP configuration team. Our clients have trimmed up to 50 percent of the time and budget typically allocated to the SAP Business Blueprinting phase.
  • Deliver: Having captured your business processes and requirements more accurately using Nimbus, you avoid rework and reduce the risk of incomplete or over-budget delivery. Nimbus provides the ideal basis for process-based user acceptance testing and process communication and training.
  • Adopt: Going beyond the implementation phase, Nimbus provides the ideal platform for governance and communication of change. Improvement suggestions from users can be evaluated, tracked, and when ready, deployed. Nimbus supports top-down and bottom-up continuous improvement, ensuring every user stays engaged and informed.

Learn how Cameron used Nimbus to optimize its SAP implementation.

Cameron success story

Learn how Cameron used Nimbus to optimize its SAP implementation.


Nimbus is used by more than 700 organizations, including AstraZeneca, Barclays Capital, RBS, Toyota, and ThyssenKrupp.

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