• TIBCO Nimbus™ 9.3

i Business Process Improvement

TIBCO Nimbus™ is a process management platform that allows you to capture and deploy your business processes in a format and language that is easily understood by all your employees. The result: it becomes easier and faster for the right employees to do the right thing at the right time, reducing inefficiency and risk and improving compliance.

Introduction to Process Improvement with TIBCO Nimbus (04:00 min.)

TIBCO Nimbus 9

Introduction to Process Improvement with TIBCO Nimbus (04:00 min.)

Continuous Improvement

Making continuous improvement effective for your organization has much more to do with your organization's culture than tools and methodologies. Simply put, if your employees don't adopt changed processes, improvement won't happen.

You have to involve the people who do the work every day in your continuous improvement efforts as they are best positioned to identify waste and suggest improvements. TIBCO Nimbus provides a collaborative platform that enables bottom-up process improvement and helps to drive change from the top down.

The TIBCO Nimbus Difference: A Business How To Guide for Your Employees

TIBCO Nimbus delivers an approach that differs from traditional business process analysis (BPA) tools. Rather than focusing on the needs of a small team of highly trained analysts, TIBCO Nimbus process content is designed to be easily understood and used by all your people on a daily basis as their intelligent operations manual.

Delivered as a role-based, personalized portal, the intelligent operations manual makes it easy for all of your staff to:

  • Quickly find and understand the processes relevant to their role
  • Know when changes to process or systems affect them
  • See key performance metrics in the context of process
  • Discuss and influence improvements
  • Access process tutorials (storyboards) with step-by-step instructions that fully explain new or improved processes.