Low Code Application Development

Traditional business processes are automated for standardization and long-term use. They are analyzed and implemented over a long period to find the single best practice to be applied across the entire organization. Due to this large upfront investment, they are also expected to stay the same for as long as possible. A portion of a business' processes will remain traditional standardization efforts, but as they become a digital business more and more of the projects will be about digitalization—providing the ability to take advantage of business moments and transient opportunities.

Low code business apps are opportunistic, use case specific, and innovative in nature. They are meant to drive innovation through experimentation and take advantage of transient business moments.

With TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.0, you gain an app management framework to support rapid, low code app creation and management.

Rapidly build apps to take advantage of transient business moments

  • Create apps in days not months
  • Reconfigure provided sample apps for your exact use case
  • Reuse out-of-the-box UI building blocks to create you own apps
  • Create your own UI building blocks for future reuse
  • Processes store your logic for business differentiation not the UI

Innovation through Experimentation

  • Trial a theory in days and small focus groups before making a large investment
  • Apply analytics to your experiments for quantifiable data to make your decisions
  • Fail fast forward and recover quickly with rapid course correction
  • Quick A/B testing for different process changes and theories


Increase business independence from IT

  • Lower the technical skillset necessary
    • Some JavaScript not Java
    • A little HTML, not Web Service Calls
    • Configuring CSS not XML
  • Out-of-the-box Single Sign On (SSO) across all apps and processes
  • Built-in and customizable themes for quick branding and personalization
  • Easy localization and internationalization for app expansion