Business Process Management

With today's focus on service and cost-efficiency, business processes must not only help cut costs and gain efficiencies, they also need to support faster decisions and greater revenue-generation.

While the upside is clear, the downside is not doing it right. With TIBCO BPM, you can continually manage and evaluate how processes are performing, identify the weak links, and optimize efficiency to achieve operational advantage.

Business Friendly, Enterprise Strength

Designed to coordinate process flows that determine how assets work together, our high-performance solutions helps control work comprehensively – enabling you to refine it, accelerate it, manage and measure it. The imperative: drive efficiencies up and operating costs down while balancing automation with the work of people.

  • Business Empowered: Business experts can manage processes as corporate assets and collaborate with architects to create applications using a fast, iterative approach that delivers rapid time-to-benefit
  • Responsive to Change: Model-driven environment makes processes easy to create, change, and dynamically distribute work to people – no code required
  • Deep Integration: Dynamic process invocation and integration with business rules, event processing, and social computing enable stronger contextual interaction with business partners and customers


  • Enhance Effectiveness: Enabling the business and IT to work closely together ensures processes reflect actual business needs and deployment remains time- and cost-efficient
  • Increase Efficiency: Enhance productivity and efficiency, while cutting costs, minimizing cycle times, and maximizing resources
  • Improve Visibility & Impact Analysis: Understand how changes at any point in the process affect the end-to-end process overall
  • Amplify Clarity: Ensure the definition of processes – both manual and automated – is understood, implemented, and followed
  • Improve Business Agility: Dynamically adjust processes to meet ever-changing market conditions in real time
  • Sustainable Reliability: Persistently meet compliance and regulations by providing transparency and auditable actions across the process end-to-end

BPM Solutions


What can BPM do for you?

BPM Use Cases

What can BPM do for you?

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