Introducing TIBCO Nimbus 9

Available now, TIBCO Nimbus® 9 is the most significant release in the product’s history.

Nimbus 9 is revolutionizing business process improvement as never before, driven by an innovative graphical user interface that delivers faster user adoption and greater productivity.

Watch this video to see how the new web user interface makes it easier to truly engage all your people in business process improvement.

Nimbus 9 is Revolutionary

Our award-winning business process improvement solution continues to set the pace for end user process understanding and adoption, through the cloud, or on mobile devices, so that your process assets deliver the greatest possible value for your enterprise.

What is New and Different about Nimbus 9?

  • A brand new web user interface that dramatically improves the user experience, including faster navigation, superior personalization and enhanced search capabilities
  • Significant improvements in reporting, social collaboration, and action management that bake process governance into normal ways of working
  • Improved performance and scalability that make Nimbus 9 easier to administer and deploy to thousands of users
  • See key performance metrics in the context of process
  • Single global governed process managing all process-related assets
  • Improved iOS app for mobile access to process contents
  • Built-in and customizable compliance frameworks that are used to model compliance standards and their relationships to process.