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Your Business is Evolving: Are Your Processes?

Physical assets have started generating data. A lot of data! To take advantage of this, businesses have started evolving into digital businesses to allow their physical assets and IT assets to merge. If the businesses are evolving so must their processes!

In the past, business processes were automated to provide work standardization and eliminate paper-based, manual processes. Now, processes need to evolve along with the digital business and create better business outcomes for unique interactions and situations.

Introducing ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.1

ActiveMatrix BPM 4.1 follows in 4.0's footsteps and introduces more new capabilities to help organizations evolve their processes for the digital business transformation. Businesses will be able to optimize and manage all of their processes, standardized or unpredictable. Allowing the digital business to model, execute, manage and optimize its people and processes by providing the appropriate context and actions to improve how it operates and produce better business outcomes.

ActiveMatrix BPM 4.1 brings the digital business:

  1. Rapid Low Code Business Apps
  2. Enhanced Case Management Capabilities
  3. Process Design Velocity

Rapid Low Code Business Apps

ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 introduced our app management platform and UI building blocks to create, configure, recompose, clone, and manage your business apps.

Digital businesses will be able to innovate through experimentation. With rapid business apps, you will be able to discover if you are onto a good or bad idea almost immediately, and take advantage of immediate opportunities, and still stay safely within your enterprise security and environment.

ActiveMatrix BPM 4.1 continues to enhance low code business apps with:

  • Updates to the bundled apps introduced in 4.0
  • A collection of new UI building blocks
  • New sample apps

Visit ActiveMatrix BPM for Low Code Rapid Apps to learn more.

Enhanced Case Management Capabilities

ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.0’s app management platform combines with several new capabilities to significantly enhance its support of case management. Allowing digital businesses to coordinate and optimize unpredictable processes and contextual situations to promote better business decisions and outcomes.

ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.1 has continued the case management enhancements with:

  • A new collection of case management focused UI building blocks
  • A new case management app using the new UI building blocks

Automate vs Digitalize

Automating Manual Processes

  • Eliminating Paper and Manual-Based Processes
  • Traceability
  • Consistency

Back-Office Operations

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Human Resources
  • Approvals
  • Order Management
  • IT – Project or User Management

Intelligent Customer Servicing

  • Omni-Channel
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Account Servicing
  • Customer Interaction Management

Contextual Process

  • Case Management
  • Investigative
  • Fraud Handling
  • Dispute Handling
  • Defect Management
  • Incident Management

Process Design Velocity

It is time to spend less time designing your processes and more time using them! ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 introduced several major capabilities to help you reach your digital destination faster with:

  • Call REST services directly from your process model
  • Graphical data mapping and transformation
    • Specifically designed to visualize the unstructured data associated with REST
    • Scripting reduced by 80%
  • Stateless service orchestration processes
  • Cloneable and reconfigurable apps

ActiveMatrix BPM 4.1 has extended the JavaScript and REST APIs to include case management capabilities to support easy interaction with the new case management UI building blocks.

4.1 also extended the use of the graphical data mapper to sub-process calls, web service calls, and catch error signals.

ActiveMatrix BPM 4.1 introduces the all-new interactive project dependency viewer, which allows process designers to identify projects and processes for reuse, and the ability to easily check which processes are affected by any changes or updates.


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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is the single Business Process Platform (BPP) to handle an enterprise’s needs… all of them.

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