• ActiveMatrix® BPM Requirements in TIBCO Nimbus

    Process Discovery. Process Collaboration. Business Transformation.

TIBCO Nimbus™ is a business tool for process documentation. It helps improve how businesses operate by presenting an easy to understand visualization of how people, processes, and systems should interact.

Business Requirements Capture

Tools and notations commonly used for capturing business processes are often too complicated to effectively engage the business audience. This leads to a gap in communication and collaboration between business users and IT staff, which compromises the effectiveness and completeness of the requirements. The inevitable consequences include wasted development efforts, rework, budget overruns, and unrealized benefits.

The TIBCO Nimbus business process capture mechanism ensures requirements are fully understood at the outset of a project.

i Video: TIBCO Nimbus improves collaboration between the business and IT

See how TIBCO Nimbus improves collaboration between the business and IT.

Collaboration Between Business and IT

See how TIBCO Nimbus improves collaboration between the business and IT.

Bridging the Gap Between the Business and IT

TIBCO Nimbus is a process management platform that bridges the gap between the business and IT by providing a common language between the two. Its easy-to-understand process maps allow business users to describe and document their organization's processes and requirements for business visibility, and ultimately for improvement and automation, using a process notation that everyone can easily understand.

Business requirements captured using a visual notation are more accurate and leave less room for misinterpretations. With robust content management and collaboration capabilities, TIBCO Nimbus helps ensure alignment between all stakeholders regarding process improvement, quality management, risk, and compliance.