Any search engine can match a query string to data stored in the database – but only if it's exact. What happens when there are variations or differences in either? Even more challenging: what if there are different errors in both?

TIBCO® Patterns – Search finds the right data – even when incomplete or partial similarities are present (highly beneficial when the differences and errors aren't known).

Make Imperfect Data Usable

Based on 20+ years of theoretical and systems development in the field of inexact or fuzzy matching, this powerful matching platform can identify similarity between query and target data with human-like perception.

Leveraging this highly flexible approach, algorithms can identify regions of similarity wherever they're located in fields or however data is aligned in respect to each other.

  • Accuracy Never Compromised: Able to connect the dots between any type of data entity in any language or format, it quickly handles many of the issues that plague real-world data – from transpositions and typos to information that's entered in the wrong field
  • Extremely Efficient & Scalable: Large datasets can be analyzed with sub-second response times using a fraction of the computational power of conventional methods, where performance tends to degrade as data volumes increase
  • Requires Minimal Intervention: Delivering a high degree of accuracy, less needs to done by staff to find problematic data
  • Highly Interoperable: Integrating directly to the database, it functions as an independent index so existing applications are barely affected


  • Accelerate Time-to-Results: Ensure complete, accurate information can be found instantly – no matter the data type or language – without special tuning
  • Reduce Time & Effort to Make Data Usable: Free domain experts from manually fixing problematic data and allow them to focus on efforts that add business value
  • Quick Start: Search functionalities are seamlessly integrated – without impacting the performance of existing applications – and can be up and running in a matter of days
  • Instant Feedback: Real-time indexing and updates ensure match requests showcase the most up-to-date information

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