TIBCO® Patterns – Learn adds an unprecedented level of intelligence to solving complex data matching problems. Understanding how top experts recognize similarities in data, this software automatically and reliably replicates those same resolutions as records are added to and updated within your databases.

Break the (Need for) Rules

Using an exclusive system that models human decision-making, the system constructs decision models based on sample patterns provided by data experts and creates future models that accurately replicate those same resolutions.

  • Once trained, the engine's model draws on its own inferences by picking up on subtle inter-field relationships, enabling it to reliably apply learned decisions - but at computer speeds. This not only enables you to reduce the amount of human effort previously required to match imperfect data, it also enhances record quality – increasing levels of business process automation.
  • Continuously building on its knowledge, it eliminates the need to develop, refine, and maintain complex rules. By tracking its own progress, it not only signals when it has enough examples to make quality decisions, it also advises when additional training is needed to further enhance its capabilities.
  • As data or market conditions change, models can be reconfigured for accuracy or incrementally enhanced. Highly customizable, they can also be tailored to the specific characteristics of your data, markets, and business application requirements.


  • Eliminate the Need (and Cost) for Rules: Continuous and incremental learning means you no longer need to create or modify complex rule sets – absolving the manual time, cost, and resources previously required to match data
  • Easily Handle Sparse Data & Partial Matches: Automated decision models can reliably match data no matter how imperfect data may be
  • Highly Customizable Models: Quick and easy to create, decision models can be tailored specifically to the characteristics of your data, markets, and business requirements
  • Increase Process Efficiency: Enhanced record accuracy allows business processes to locate the information they need faster, enabling them to operate more quickly end-to-end and with greater efficiency
  • Enhance Business Performance: Comprehensive, timely, and accurate data not only supports better decision making and more effective compliance, it's the key to opening the door to new revenue opportunities – i.e. cross/upsell customers, deliver a unified and consistent user experience across channels/touch points

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