For quite a while, data has been treated as incredibly fragile. It's cleaned, it's managed, it's looked after. It's moved from place to place so it's easy to retrieve. Countless hours and cost have been spent to essentially protect data from itself.

Rightfully so: data is imperfect. Coming from multiple sources and interacting with many different systems and users, it quickly harbors errors, inconsistencies, and duplicates that can compromise business decisions and operational efficiency if left unregulated.

While various techniques are used to ensure quality information is available, datasets often need to be standardized before records are linked across systems. A high degree of manual intervention is also required to solve complex matching problems rule sets couldn't reconcile. Often a lengthy process, timely intelligence is not available to support critical decisions or business processes.

A Smarter, More Powerful Approach to Imperfect Data

TIBCO® Patterns provides a simpler, more efficient approach: it enables the use of imperfect data despite inconsistencies – no standardization or rule sets required. Modeled after the way people perceive similarity, this high-performance platform effectively handles any type of data in any language from any source.

  • Algorithms can identify regions of similarity wherever they are located in fields or however data is aligned in respect to other information
  • Large datasets can be analyzed in less than a second – using a fraction of the computing power required by other methods
  • Learning over time, it accurately replicates the same decisions made by your own data experts


  • Enhance Efficiency: Supported by accurate, real-time information, business processes can operate with greater efficiency (a capability that is enabling our customers to achieve automation levels greater than 95%)
  • Effectively Manage High Data Volume: Process large quantities of information and steep workloads with a high degree of accuracy
  • Reduce Time & Cost: Achieve faster results using significantly fewer resources
  • Speed Time-to-Value: Easy to deploy, requiring minimal maintenance, and featuring highly customizable features, you can quickly meet the unique demands of your business
  • Accelerate Response: Act on timely opportunities and problems faster by ensuring real-time information is available to those who need it, when they need it most
  • Increase Conversion Rates: Support richer, personalized interactions with customers to boost sales and accelerate loyalty
  • Enhance Satisfaction: Enrich customer and partner experience by supporting high quality service and experience

Pattern Matching Solutions


Enable applications to deal with and mediate differences in data with  TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™

Increase the accuracy of data analysis by correlating multiple records with  TIBCO Spotfire®

Eliminate duplicate data before events are processed with  TIBCO BusinessEvents®

Gain a unified source of accurate master data with  TIBCO® MDM