Managed File Transfer

Past methods for transferring files no longer meet scalability and regulatory demands and continue to need additional resources for effective management. Security, reliability, and visibility over all file transfers is no longer a nice to have, it's a necessity. With TIBCO's suite of managed file transfer solutions, you can exchange files quickly, securely, and cost-effectively across all major platforms and geographical boundaries.

Unified Platform: Single Point for Secure, Fast, Reliable File Transfer

Our standards-based solutions address a wide range of file transfer needs using a single management system – significantly reducing the cost and effort required to operate multiple platforms from multiple vendors.

Built on a service-oriented environment, TIBCO file transfer solutions support open standards and global business – making them easy to integrate with any application, process, or third-party system. Automation and integration capabilities also support accelerated file transfer, business-to-business, application-to-application, ad hoc exchanges between end users.

  • Standardized: Unified environment reduces the cost and effort associated with managing multiple transfer platforms
  • Agile: Reduces the number of required scripts, enabling a flexible solution that easily expands to meet future business requirements and needs
  • Compliant: Alleviates increasing regulatory pressures by ensuring that the strictest requirements can be met using key security features built into every step of the process


  • Guaranteed Delivery: Virtually eliminate transmission errors with automated error detection and retransmission of interrupted transfers, dramatically reducing the resources needed to manage your file transfer system.
  • Elevate Visibility: Using centralized management, know who is sharing information with whom and when.
  • Accelerate Provisioning: Quickly onboard new applications and business partners by using templates that simplify and automate the provisioning process.
  • Increase Agility: Adapt to changing circumstances with configuration-driven process automation that significantly reduces the number of scripts required.
  • Leverage SOA Benefits: Reuse Managed File Transfer functions as services for other applications in a service-oriented architecture.

Managed File Transfer Products

  • Significantly reduce the cost and effort needed to operate multiple platforms from multiple vendors with TIBCO® MFT.
  • Give users a highly available, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade, corporate standard for sharing files of any size with TIBCO® Slingshot.