• TIBCO Managed File Transfer

    Centralized file transfer to improve
    security, reliability, and visibility

Security, reliability, and visibility over all file transfers is no longer a nice to have, it's a necessity. With TIBCO® Managed File Transfer, you can exchange files quickly, securely, and cost-effectively across all major platforms and geographical boundaries.

Unified Platform: Single Point for Secure, Fast, Reliable Managed File Transfer

Our standards-based solutions fulfill a wide range of managed file transfer needs using a single management system that significantly reduces the cost and effort of using multiple platforms from multiple vendors.

Built on a service-oriented architecture, TIBCO managed file transfer solutions support open standards and global business – making them easy to integrate with any application, process, or third-party system. Automation and integration capabilities also support accelerated managed file transfer, business-to-business, application-to-application, and ad hoc exchanges between end users.

  • Standardized: Unified environment reduces the cost and effort associated with managing multiple transfer platforms
  • Agile: Reduces the number of required scripts, enabling a flexible solution that easily expands to meet future business requirements and needs
  • Compliant: Alleviates increasing regulatory pressures by ensuring that the strictest requirements can be met using key security features built into every step of the process