• TIBCO Mainframe Integration

    Mainframe modernization providing cost-effective
    and consumable services

Mainframes are often important strategic assets used for both data stores and complex processing – and there are several approaches to integrating them with new applications and architectures. TIBCO mainframe integration software lets you modernize and migrate your mainframe into an advanced Mainframe service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is event-driven and able to respond in real time to changes, threats, and opportunities in your markets, supply chain, and internal operations.

The great value of SOA is that it lets you reuse existing services and information, either standalone or as part of composite applications that perform complex functions. But Mainframe SOA does not address all the capabilities needed for an event-driven architecture. TIBCO mainframe integration software does. It can give you the ability to monitor, filter, analyze, correlate, and respond to events in real time.

From Mainframe to Real-Time Enterprise

As the pace of business increases, a great advantage is the ability to quickly sense events and automatically respond with relevant information and tight coordination. With the widest product suite for addressing all facets of mainframe integration, TIBCO can help you make sense of unpredictable information and events and become a flexible, adaptable, real-time enterprise able to set the pace of business and strongly compete.