When it comes to integration, organizations are not equal. Those more capable are setting the pace of 21st century competition. They are ready to integrate new systems and efficiently support the disruptive models, volumes, and opportunities offered by new technologies:

  • Cloud applications' increased speed and cost-efficient scalability
  • Mobile applications' heightened engagement with customers, partners, and employees
  • Social networks' treasure trove of customer data

How do you compare to other organizations or industry best practices?

For more than 20 years, we've provided the technology and services to build critical integration infrastructure. From our experience working with over 3,500 customers, we've created an interactive tool for determining integration maturity, the Integration Maturity Model (IMM). It allows you to assess your integration capabilities and how efficiently they are applied to your ecosystem.

Beyond technology, the tool reviews your architecture, operations, and organization compared to best practices. It shows you which integration capabilities can be easily developed for best value, helping you define an integration roadmap. It also provides a detailed financial forecast of the value that could be achieved by upgrading your integration capabilities.

Do you have what you need to Win?

Companies with high maturity scores achieve:

  • Significantly lower integration costs for development and maintenance
  • Shorter integration implementation times
  • Enablement of key initiatives such as supply chain optimization using information awareness or creation of differentiating customer services using SaaS applications

Find out about your organization's integration capabilities: