TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Bus is a lightweight enterprise service bus (ESB) that mediates the communication between applications and services by routing and transforming disparate data formats and transport protocols.

It supports rapid development, near-zero coding, and low maintenance. Its standards-based platform reduces complexity and increases flexibility and reuse by replacing hard-coded service dependencies with configuration.

Highly scalable, its elastic backbone can also reliably support high availability requirements, enabling you to quickly onboard services from third-party environments or a TIBCO-based infrastructure.


  • Lower Costs: Provide an SOA infrastructure that fits into any heterogeneous environment.
  • Rapid Service Onboarding: Reduce complexity by enabling quick and easy onboarding of a large number of services.
  • Configure, NOT Code: Increase flexibility and service reuse by replacing hard-coded service dependencies and protocols with dynamic configuration and deployment.
  • Manage with Ease: Save time and reduce complexity with role-based, easy-to-use, lifecycle management.
  • Increased Security: Manage secure communication across disparate systems and services by applying security policies for specific interactions.
  • Transport Bridging: Use one communication protocol internally while communicating with partners via another protocol without changing internal communication patterns.
  • Version Management: As partners offer additional functionality via new versions of services, having a service bus enables organizations to quickly route their requests to newer versions of these services without any modification to their current services infrastructure.
  • Minimize Errors: Features like custom mediation, nested routing, and context propagation allow developers to modularize and abstract custom tasks, unify flow snippets, and make in-flow decisions. This modularization allows for faster development and reduced errors in mediation flows.
  • Context Propagation: Full message and security context propagation offers a great degree of flexibility to manage security and routing with your mediation flows.
  • Ease of Use: The design environment is based on TIBCO Business Studio™, a unified, Eclipse-based environment for TIBCO products. Mediation creation and debugging is based on a zero-coding environment that involves minimum configuration.

TIBCO Security Advisories
Please check the  Security Advisories for TIBCO Products page for the latest information on any product security issues including resolutions to known issues.