TIBCO Foresight® offers a robust set of transaction automation and validation solutions designed to improve and complement your existing B2B gateway and translator or to be part of a complete B2B replacement.

Working as a standalone solution, or delivered as components of the B2B Next product line, you can quickly onboard new partners, improve the quality of interactions, and enable the ability to act on B2B activity in real time.

Businesses across a wide range of industries use our transaction automation and validation solutions to:

  • Speed and facilitate transaction processing
  • Reduce time and resources for researching problems
  • Make more timely and informed business decisions

Business-To-Business Products

Significantly reduce the cost of running your B2B integration technology by improving data quality, enhancing visibility into the B2B processes, and enabling real-time responses to seemingly unrelated events with TIBCO B2B Next.


UMIX Reduces Costs and Streamlines the On-Boarding of Partners


UMIX Reduces Costs and Streamlines the On-Boarding of Partners


Improve data quality, gain greater visibility, and respond in real-time with B2B Next

Plug-in high-speed EDI transformation into back-end systems and applications with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™

Respond in real-time to B2B events with TIBCO Foresight Instream, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™TIBCO ActiveSpaces Transactions, and TIBCO BusinessEvents®

Perform ad-hoc analysis of B2B transactions with TIBCO Spotfire®