TIBCO BusinessConnect™ is a B2B gateway designed to help large organizations automate processes with business partners, respond faster to complex customer requests, and more reliably meet business demands.

Working as a standalone B2B gateway or delivered as components of our B2B Next product line, it enables the secure transmission of documents and messages, supports all major transport and business protocols, and can exchange information across all back-end systems. It also simplifies the management of complex trading networks by providing trading partners with a web-based, easy-to-use, self-management portal.


  • Accelerate Performance: Securely exchange documents and automate transactions by tying systems and processes together across public and private networks.
  • Automatic Routing: Define simple business rules to route inbound messages from your trading partners to load balanced engines or specific private processes.
  • Audit & Security: Conduct full audits on B2B activities and determine the authenticity of a message and sender leveraging a non-repudiation database.
  • Save Time & Cost: Simplify the management of complex trading networks by providing partners with a web-based portal to self-manage onboarding, configuration, auditing, reporting, and monitoring.
  • Enhance Visibility, Reliability, & Partner Satisfaction: Speed error correction and cycle times by providing partners with an intuitive interface that displays transaction problem areas and areas for improvements in easy-to-read graphical interface.
  • Achieve 100% Participation: Allow partners without B2B infrastructures to securely send and receive messages and business documents.

Business-To-Business Products

Significantly reduce the cost of running your B2B integration technology by improving data quality, gaining greater visibility over the entire B2B process, and enabling real-time response to seemingly unrelated events with TIBCO B2B Next.


John Andrews on TIBCO BusinessConnect

TIBCO BusinessConnect

John Andrews on TIBCO BusinessConnect


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Improve data quality, gain greater visibility, and respond in real-time with B2B Next