An enterprise service bus (ESB) is the key to unlocking value from active business data. Essentially a shared superhighway for data, messages, and events to travel on, it enables systems and applications to communicate and work together.

Connecting systems and applications to a common, bus-based backbone, real-time information can circulate across the environment. Data is instantly available and can be accessed, consumed, and acted on by any system, application, or business processes on the network.

Events happening across the environment can also be made available – providing the visibility and awareness critical to engaging with activity in real time. By including traffic enterprise-wide, you can be more aware of when opportunities and threats emerge and respond with greater precision and control.

Enterprise-Ready: Open. Scalable. Reliable.

A pioneer of this technology (hint: it's in our name), TIBCO has spent more than 20 years helping companies maximize the value and performance of their ESB platforms. Our solutions embed a unique blend of understanding and experience, which is why they are standards-based and designed to openly assimilate with any third-party technology and make the most of existing IT assets.

Any component can be connected, ejected, or modified without impacting the performance of others. Automatic routing and transforming messages between components ensures data arrives in the proper usable format.

Used as a foundation for a service-oriented architecture (SOA), it can also help expose valuable data and functionality trapped in application siloes and enable them for reuse. Grid-based architecture provides the capacity to quickly configure load balancing and fault tolerance for high availability and uniform lifecycle management of all services independent of technology.


  • Do More Faster, Spend Less: Develop and deploy applications and services faster, at reduced cost using a model-driven environment that requires minimal to no coding
  • Boost Communication: Mediate the communication between applications and services by routing and transforming disparate data formats and transport protocols
  • Reduce Complexity: Reduce interoperability between heterogeneous applications and technologies and promote the seamless exchange of real-time information across the enterprise
  • Regulate Change: Mitigate the impact of interface changes by simplifying the process: promote the loose coupling of applications through well-defined service contracts
  • Enhance Visibility: Easily monitor failure and manage misbehavior in highly complex systems – especially when components need to be changed
  • Promote Reuse: Extract greater value from legacy assets by exposing them as services – and add new functionality without costly system migration and redesign efforts

Enterprise Service Bus Solution

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™

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